Case Studies

-Retail food company with 30 locations:

L23 Networks was brought in as a Carrier Services partner for a mid-size retail chain. The organization was experiencing connectivity issues and escalating telecom costs. We designed a simple hosted VOIP solutions so that all the locations could receive enterprise level phone features -like virtual receptionist, soft phone, extension dialing -that were formerly only available with an on premises PBX. The hosted solution also reduced the overall cost because the organization no longer paid for standard analog phone lines at every location. (Analog lines have an extremely high tax rate.)

Next, the company was having trouble managing all the different internet carriers at each location while at the same time struggling to deliver powerful wireless internet access for its customers at its locations. L23 Networks consolidated all the available internet carriers at each location, advised the organization to the proper speed they need to be delivered and lastly helped them implement cloud based wireless access points at each location that could be managed by one member of the IT organization from a central location.

In summary, the customer experienced huge cost savings from the telecom and internet bills, saved time, delivered powerful wireless internet at each location that could be managed remotely, and cut costs by not requiring expensive servers at each location

-Medium Size Law firm- Telecom & Internet Expenses

L23 Networks approached this mid-size law firm in NYC (50 employees) to see if we could perform a simple Telecom and Internet connectivity audit of their current expenses. The goal was to reduce costs and at the same time improve service. The customer provided L23 networks their bills. By understanding the connectivity options at their headquarters location, we were able to double their current internet speed and also switch them to a leading telecom provider for VOIP. This reduced their overall spend by 50%.

Ultimately, the company was able to save $8,000 a year by engaging L23 networks to perform a simple audit of their telecom and internet bills.


Our New York City client depends on stable telecom systems to interact with domestic and international suppliers. Our client made it clear they did not want to change vendors.

After creating an inventory of all the client’s services, we compared their costs to the lowest market rates. We discovered that many services were much more expensive than services from comparable providers. We also determined that our client was not aware of promotional plans and cheaper configurations that their vendors offered but had no incentive to inform their client about. Using this knowledge of available plans and competitive rates, we negotiated with the vendor for better rate plans for our client. We were able to create savings of 25% per year for our client.


· Preserving the client’s big picture vendor relationship
· No disruption to voice or data service
· Renegotiating voice and data contracts
· Eliminating cost of local calls
· Negotiating 39% reduction in videoconferencing costs
· Eliminating unused phone lines and extraneous services
· Correcting errors in tax and regulatory charges