Network Solutions And Partners

Network & Wireless

Network demands are growing and wireless speeds are increasing. To meet these new requirements, you need an end-to-end network strategy that can help your business become a digital enterprise. Your network should scale as your needs change, consistently improve the end user experience and help you launch production driven new services across your organization. The network is the business’ circulatory system, pumping its life-sustaining data in a constant flow from consumer to partner to supplier and back. Without a fast, secure network, digital transformation becomes impossible.

Our services include:
(1) Route/switch
(2) Enterprise wireless
(3) Data Center Networking
(4) WAN and LAN

Unified Communications

Unified Communications platforms are revolutionizing the way organizations communicate and connect. Combine all of your communications and hosted voice services into one user-friendly interface that can be easily managed and accessed. Enable your organization to customize your employees’ profiles based on their specific roles and empowers users to manage their own preferences and reduce management overhead. By unifying your communications you can make changes to the company-wide platform at any time from any device.

Our services include:
(1)Voice solutions
(2) Video and Telepresence
(3) Contact Center and
(4) Conferencing and messaging

Cloud & Data Center

The cloud is allowing companies to find innovative ways to leverage compute resources and store information while limiting capital expenditures traditionally associated with data center growth. By leveraging the advantages of the public cloud, you can increase storage and compute capacity, while maintaining existing on-premises operations. This can save you money and allow for flexible growth. We will help you understand how your organization can leverage the power of the cloud at a pace that works for your business while at the same time streamlining traditional data center investments.

Our services include:
(1) Storage and Compute
(2) Hyper-converged infrastructure
(3) Virtualization
(4) Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
(5) Backup and Recovery and
(6) Desktop and Application Virtualization


Information & Network Security

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges your organization faces today. Hackers no longer search for specific information like credit cards and social security numbers. Sophisticated criminals troll the internet looking for easy networks to penetrate, steal the data, and find ways to monetize it. Even small businesses are now susceptible to cyber attacks. As hackers and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, systematic and destructive, the only effective approach to security is a holistic, architectural approach that is manageable, adaptable, resilient and responsive. Our security and risk management suite covers consulting services, security infrastructure and software.

Our services include:
(1) Next-Generation Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention
(2) Penetration Testing (internal and external)
(3) Web application penetration testing
(4) Security Architecture Reviews
(5) Framework and standard reviews (NIST & ISO)
(6) Endpoint Security, Data Protection, and Encryption
(7) Web and email security
(8) Governance, Risk, and Compliance